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The Stats and Details of Drunk Driving in Illinois

It’s safe to say that driving while drunk is not a safe option.

In 2017, 330 people died in alcohol-related vehicle crashes.

Other Illinois Drunk Driving Stats

The Illinois Secretary of State’s 2020 DUI Fact Book outlines the following findings:

  • DUI arrests: 27,046
  • DUI arrests who were male: 75%
  • DUI culprits who were under the age of 35: 57%
  • DUI average blood alcohol content (BAC): 0.16
  • Nearly all (91%) of those charged with a DUI lost their right to drive
  • DUI arrest for first-time offenders: 86%

In Illinois, the most DUI arrests occur between 11:00 pm and 4:00 am. The legal limit for standard drivers is 0.08% for those over 21. For minors and school bus drivers, Illinois carries a zero-tolerance policy, which means any trace of alcohol that registers while they are behind the wheel can invoke a chargeable offense.

Illinois DUI Penalties
  • Minimum fine of $500 and can maximum fine of $25,000 depending on the severity and aggravated circumstances (this doesn’t include other lost income due to medical bills, fees, the inability to work, court fees and additional miscellaneous costs)
  • Jail or prison time depending on the severity of the infraction
  • Probation and community service
  • Must attend alcohol awareness courses
  • License suspension or revocation
  • May have to install and pay for a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (IID) that will allow you to drive while your license is suspended

Illinois offers the possibility of getting your suspended license reinstated due to a myriad of traffic offenses, including a DUI. Remember, if you’re dealing with a suspended license due to a DUI, the statute of limitations to fight for reinstatement expires after 90 days. This is difficult to accomplish, so don’t go at it alone. There are trained attorneys who specialize in traffic defense for those seeking reinstatement of their suspended or revoked license.

86% of those charged with a DUI in Illinois are first-timers. With a second DUI, all penalties and fines increase. Also, while the first two charges are misdemeanors, a third or subsequent DUI is a felony offense.

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