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Are You Revoked In Illinois, But Living Out Of State?

An Out-of-State Petitioner’s Package seeking license reinstatement may be the solution to your trouble. If you are in this situation, then please know that you are not alone, and Alan E. Jones, P.C. can help you.

The Illinois Secretary of State Department of Administrative Hearings allows for people who live more than 60 miles from the Illinois state line to petition for driver’s license reinstatement by mail rather than via an in-person hearing. There are many requirements that must be met to be successful, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done – it can.

My firm will help you gather everything you need including old treatment records, drinking and drug use history, event facts from your arrests, letters of support and new evaluations. I will also help you fill out the form questions in the package and get it submitted to the Secretary of State.

I’m attorney Alan E. Jones and I’ve been helping revoked drivers regain their valid driving privileges for the past 30 years. Many of my clients live all over the world and we help them with the reinstatement process by phone, email and FaceTime. It all starts with a free consultation. Call 866-916-0944 or reach out at any time.

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