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Getting a Revoked License Back in Illinois Can Be an Uphill Legal Fight

Getting a driver’s license back after it has been revoked in Illinois can be something of a Herculean task. The state doesn’t just pull someone’s license to drive haphazardly. Government officials won’t just yank it because you incurred a couple of parking tickets or ran a red light. To get your license pulled, a driver has to commit a serious offense or repeatedly thumb their nose at driving regulations.

Reasons for License Revocations in Illinois

There are instances when drivers are just perceived as a danger to others. In cases such as a DUI conviction, leaving the scene of an accident after someone has been injured or not getting liability insurance puts others at risk. Those and similar offenses often motivate officials to take risky drivers off the road.

Another group of people who find themselves taking public transportation or paying through the nose for Uber is the scofflaws. Some drivers simply refuse to pay parking tickets, repeatedly get flagged for running red lights and other moving violations. The state will also revoke the license of parents who don’t pay court-ordered child support.

License Reinstatement After a DUI

Illinois has drawn a line in the sand to combat drunk driving, and even first offenders generally lose their license. Laws are so rigorous that just meeting the requirements to appeal for reinstatement can be tough.

The government expects that a driver will complete remedial alcohol and drug education. Additional substance abuse education can be mandated if the court perceives an ongoing problem. Once that has been completed, you will need to secure proof of financial responsibility before asking for a hearing. This is where things get particularly problematic for drivers with revoked licenses.

First offenders may have the opportunity to appear at an informal hearing. A hearing officer will need to be convinced, based on your driving record, compliance and efforts that you are no longer a risk. Those with multiple offenses face an even tougher formal hearing.

Those who can convince the state to restore their driving privileges can expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $500 in fees alone. Failure to persuade an official could result in an extended driving drought.

With that being said, getting a license back is certainly possible and you should never give up a chance to do so if you find yourself in this situation.

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