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Drug Felony Defense
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Felony Drug Charges Need Prompt Legal Action

Felony charges are among the most high-stakes cases. When drug accusations carry years or even decades of possible jail time, a strong defense could be critical for your future.

At Alan E. Jones, P.C., you can trust that your attorney has the experience to skillfully protect you. I have represented Illinois clients in complex criminal defense trials, including those that involve drug felony charges.

Counter The Charges With A Strong Strategy

A felony is a serious crime, and felony drug charges may include:

  • Possession of a certain type of drug, such as heroin or cocaine
  • Drug possession in large quantities
  • Possession of a drug with intent to sell
  • Drug offenses with aggravated factors, such as repeat offenses and those involving children or certain places
  • Drug manufacturing and distribution
  • Prescription drug fraud

Some of these charges may be misdemeanors or felonies depending on the circumstances, which affects the potential penalties. When a prosecutor does opt for felony charges, it is vital to begin your defense promptly. There may be strategies that you can use to effectively reduce or avoid penalties. My knowledge in both state and federal felony defense can work to your benefit.

Thorough, Attentive Support In Drug Defense

Evidence is a key part of felony drug cases. The prosecution must prove its case with no reasonable doubt before the court can convict someone of a crime, especially because the consequences may change that person’s life.

Therefore, I examine the evidence against you in detail to identify any shortcomings and gaps in the prosecutor’s argument. In some cases, aggressively questioning the evidence can lead to new discoveries about the ownership or nature of the drug in question.

Call Early To Use Time To Your Advantage

There are many ways to respond to felony drug charges, but it is important to begin your defense early in the legal process. Call 866-916-0944 or email my office in Waukegan for a free in-person or virtual consultation. I will advocate for your rights with urgency and dedication.

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