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Criminal Defense
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Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime — any crime, either felony or misdemeanor, the worry and stress has probably overtaken much of your life. Whether the charge is a major felony or simply misdemeanor shoplifting, domestic abuse or DUI, the penalties could be serious. Worse, there can be consequences that last far longer than the potential criminal sentence — damage to your reputation and relationships, problems with employment and housing, and financial costs that can last a long time.

I am criminal defense attorney Alan E. Jones, and I understand how important your case is to you. After more than 30 years as a lawyer, I have seen the damage even a misdemeanor charge can do, and I have helped many clients fight their charges and minimize that damage. If you are facing criminal charges in a Lake County court, contact me right away for a free consultation about how I can help you.

Experienced, Committed Defense Of Clients In Lake County

Most of my legal practice is focused on DUI and traffic defense and their critically important companion, driver’s license defense. Whether you were cited for a moving violation or charged with a drug crime, however, I will treat you as if you are my most important client.

For 30 years, I have defended people charged with all types of felony and misdemeanor offenses in Lake County courts, such as:

  • Misdemeanors and traffic cases
  • Drunk driving offenses, including felonies (Aggravated DUI)
  • Domestic violence
  • Possession of marijuana and other drug-related offenses
  • Theft and property offenses
  • Underage drinking and curfew violations

In your case as in every case, my goal is to provide you with realistic advice and effective representation that protects our rights and resolves all of your legal issues at a reasonable cost. During your free consultation, I will listen carefully to your situation and give you a clear idea of what to expect and how much it will cost. I handle most cases on a flat-fee basis.

You Have Rights. Let Me Protect Them.

Everyone charged with a crime deserves to have their constitutional rights protected. Call my Waukegan office toll-free at 866-916-0944 or contact me online now for a free consultation.

All major credit cards accepted. Flat fees in most cases.

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Have questions, contact us. We're happy to help

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