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December 2016 Archives

Important Information Regarding Medical Marijuana Use and Field Sobriety Tests

In 2013, the governor of Illinois signed into law an act titled "The Compassionate use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act." This act provided an alternative form of treatment for individuals suffering from serious diseases such as cancer, HIV, and glaucoma. While many people use medical marijuana as a form a relief from the painful symptoms associated with their disease, it is important that people understand that there are rules regarding the use of this marijuana, specifically when it relates to driving.

Changing Marijuana Legislation in Illinois and the Impacts on a DUI Charge

Anyone who has been paying attention to the news understands that there has been a changing attitude towards the use of marijuana in the form of both social attitudes and legislation. Back in 2013, the state of Illinois signed into law an act that made the use of medical marijuana to treat certain medical conditions legal.