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What Happens at a Sobriety Checkpoint? Petitioning to Rescind a DUI License Suspension The Stats and Details of Drunk Driving in Illinois Have a Suspended or Revoked License? Here’s What You Should Do What Do I Need to Know About the License Reinstatement Process? Why Is Reinstating Your License After a DUI so Expensive? Getting a Revoked License Back in Illinois Can Be an Uphill Legal Fight What Does the New Michigan Marijuana Law Mean for Illinois Residents? How Does the Illinois Traffic Violation Points System Work? Worried About Losing Your License for a First-Time DUI? Here’s What You Should Know What’s Next After a DUI Driver’s License Suspension How a DUI Charge Can Ruin a College Student’s Future For Commercial Drivers, Traffic Tickets Can Be a Job Killer Some Traffic Tickets More Serious Than Others When a Traffic Ticket Is More Than a Ticket What Happens if You Don’t Pay a Traffic Ticket? Why You Should Avoid a First DUI Conviction Talking to Teens About Underage DUI Five Need-to-Knows for Drivers With CDLs A DUI Can Impact Your Commute and Bank Account What Can You Do if Your License Is Suspended or Revoked? Four Things That Can Affect the Results of Your Breath Test Driving (Legally) After a DUI Is Still Possible for Some License Suspended vs. Revoked: What’s the Difference in Illinois? Some Illinois Speeding Offenses Now on Par With First-Offense DUI Important Information Regarding Medical Marijuana Use and Field Sobriety Tests Changing Marijuana Legislation in Illinois and the Impacts on a DUI Charge When an Accidental DUI Crash Turns Fatal When DUI Mugshots Get Leaked New Law Decriminalizes Minor Marijuana Possession Reinstatement of an Illinois Driver’s License Three Reasons DUI Evidence Gets Thrown Out Illinois Traffic Laws Now Allow Supervision for Aggravated Speeding What Illinois’ New DUI Law Means for First-Time Offenders When Legal Marijuana Users Are Charged With Drugged Driving When a Speeding Ticket Can Ruin Your Life New Illinois Law Gives Drunk Drivers Another Chance
Client Reviews
Mr. Jones was very helpful and professional in resolving my traffic case. Thank you! Benjamin L.
Mr. Jones was professional and efficient in handling my traffic court case. Highly recommend! Sergio M.
Hard working lawyer, who cares about his clients and was able to make the best of a horrible situation. Highly recommend. Clayton K.