3 Reasons You Need to Fight Your Misdemeanor Speeding Ticket

It's true. If you drive fast enough in Illinois, you could be dealing with more than a costly traffic fine and marks on your record — you may be charged with a criminal misdemeanor.

If you were pulled over in Waukegan or Lake County, I can help. I am attorney Alan E. Jones, and I have been defending people in traffic cases for more than 30 years. My criminal defense practice is focused especially on DUI, traffic and driver's license defense. In fact, I am a long-term member and the former chair of the Traffic Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association. For a free initial consultation about your speeding ticket, call me toll free at 866-916-0944 or contact me online now.

Why Bother Fighting a Speeding Ticket, Even a Misdemeanor?

There are three good reasons you need to fight the charges if you have been cited for misdemeanor-level speeding. The first is that paying that ticket is admitting guilt, so you will end up with a criminal record — or even jail time.

  • Going 26-34 mph over the speed limit is a class B misdemeanor
  • Going 35 or more mph over the speed limit is a class A misdemeanor

A misdemeanor is much more serious than an ordinary traffic citation because it carries the potential for jail time. Being convicted of a class B misdemeanor could put you in jail for six months and/or get you fined up to $1,500. The potential penalty for a class A is up to a year in jail and/or a $2,500 fine.

Reason No. 2 is these charges do not qualify you for Court Supervision like other misdemeanors. If you were charged with a first-offense DUI, for example, your case could be diverted to the Court Supervision program, which would allow you to be conviction free if you successfully complete the supervision program. Conversely, misdemeanor speeding convictions stay on your record.

The third reason is that there are realistic defense options. A lawyer experienced in traffic defense can often get the charges dismissed or negotiate a reduction or amendment of the charges. Even if you believe you were caught dead-to-rights, I can usually mitigate the damage.

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