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Getting a revoked license back in Illinois can be an uphill legal fight

Getting a driver's license back after it has been revoked in Illinois can be something of a Herculean task. The state doesn't just pull someone's license to drive haphazardly. Government officials won't just yank it because you incurred a couple of parking tickets or ran a red light. To get your license pulled, a driver has to commit a serious offense or repeatedly thumb their nose at driving regulations.

What can you do if your license is suspended or revoked?

There are quite a few reasons that driving licenses can be suspended or revoked in Illinois. Losing your license no doubt places heavy burdens on you, as you may have trouble getting to work or taking your children to school. Luckily, you have options to regain driving privileges or reinstate your license altogether.

What Illinois' new DUI law means for first-time offenders

In the past, anyone who was arrested for DUI in the state of Illinois faced at least a 30-day license suspension, which began after 45 days had passed following a DUI arrest.

New Illinois law gives drunk drivers another chance

Currently under Illinois law, people who are convicted of drunk driving four times lose their driver's licenses for good. That means a lifetime of having to depend on public transit and other people for rides to work, school and anywhere else they need to go that is not within walking distance.