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Why is reinstating your license after a DUI so expensive?

You’re probably eager to put your DUI behind you. One of the biggest milestones you can reach in the process is reinstating your license. Reapplying for your driver’s license means that you’ve completed your alcohol or drug education classes, had successful hearing with the court’s hearing officer, and the last step is to recover your license.

If you’re a first-time offender, the fee for reapplying for an Illinois driver’s license is $250 and $500 for multi-time offenders. The reinstatement fees may come as a shock, especially when factored in to the other fees involved with a DUI. Well, there’s a good reason for why reinstating your driver’s license is so expensive.

Where that money goes

When you pay your license reinstatement fees, you’re essentially giving back to your community. First-time offenders have $30 of their $250 fee go to the Illinois Department of Human Services and Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse to make drug and alcohol evaluations more affordable.

If you’re a repeat offender, the state of Illinois divides your $500 three ways:

  • $60 to the Illinois Road fund.
  • $190 to the Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention fund.
  • $250 to the General Revenue fund.

While it’s undesirable to spend more money in fees in the late stages of resolving your DUI, at least you know that the money goes to benefit the community with better road quality and help treat people with potential drug or alcohol problems. The best way to avoid paying any DUI-related expenses, of course, is to avoid driving drunk.

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