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Why is reinstating your license after a DUI so expensive?

You’re probably eager to put your DUI behind you. One of the biggest milestones you can reach in the process is reinstating your license. Reapplying for your driver’s license means that you’ve completed your alcohol or drug education classes, had successful hearing with the court’s hearing officer, and the last step is to recover your license.

If you’re a first-time offender, the fee for reapplying for an Illinois driver’s license is $250 and $500 for multi-time offenders. The reinstatement fees may come as a shock, especially when factored in to the other fees involved with a DUI. Well, there’s a good reason for why reinstating your driver’s license is so expensive.

Getting a revoked license back in Illinois can be an uphill legal fight

Getting a driver's license back after it has been revoked in Illinois can be something of a Herculean task. The state doesn't just pull someone's license to drive haphazardly. Government officials won't just yank it because you incurred a couple of parking tickets or ran a red light. To get your license pulled, a driver has to commit a serious offense or repeatedly thumb their nose at driving regulations.

Reasons for license revocations in Illinois

There are instances when drivers are just perceived as a danger to others. In cases such as a DUI conviction, leaving the scene of an accident after someone has been injured or not getting liability insurance puts others at risk. Those and similar offenses often motivate officials to take risky drivers off the road.

What does the new Michigan marijuana law mean for Illinois residents?

Last November, Michigan residents voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Legalization is becoming more common in states across the country, but the new laws also create complications.

The fact is, marijuana is still illegal according to federal law. Additionally, even states that allow possession and sale of marijuana do so with restrictions. If you live in Illinois, you may see the change in Michigan and consider a road trip and purchase or consume marijuana legally. This, however, could put you in legal jeopardy.

How does the Illinois traffic violation points system work?

One of the How Does the Illinois Traffic Violation Points System work?biggest mistakes drivers make is underestimating the damage of minor traffic infractions. Due to the laws in Illinois, seemingly small violations can add up and lead to license suspension or revocation.

The office of the Secretary of State tracks driving convictions and assigns point totals based on the severity of the infraction. Accumulating too many points in a 12-month period could mean the end of your driving privileges.

Worried about losing your license for a first-time DUI? Here's what you should know.

If you are facing a DUI, one of your primary concerns is whether you will lose your license. You depend on your license to get around, make money, and see friends and family. Losing your license can affect not just you, but your finances and your family.

Your concern is valid. Under Illinois law of Implied Consent, if law enforcement stops you and your blood alcohol content (BAC) tests above the legal limit of .08 percent, or if you refuse to take a BAC test, you will receive an administrative license suspension, also called statutory summary suspension. This administrative suspension is different than a revocation. How? The administrative suspension is based entirely on whether you comply with and pass or fail a chemical sobriety test. In other words, you could face an administrative license suspension even if you are ultimately not convicted of DUI. A DUI conviction mandates a revocation (an indefinite suspension) for a minimum of one year. 

How a DUI charge can ruin a college student’s future

Young adults going to college are entering a stressful and exhilarating portion of their lives. While they face a lot of anxiety keeping up with their difficult classes and planning for their future, they also have a lot more freedom than before. Many look forward to the college traditions associated with alcohol once they turn 21 in their university to have some fun before they go and get jobs after graduation.

Unfortunately, all of those future plans can come to a grinding halt with one simple DUI charge. If you are a college student, there are several consequences a DUI can bring on your life during and after college. It is critical to be aware of these ramifications so you can be cautious with your future actions.

For Commercial Drivers, Traffic Tickets Can Be A Job Killer

For most drivers, a traffic ticket is a costly inconvenience. For professional driver, a ticket can be much worse. It can be a job killer.

Truck drivers and other people who need to drive for their job need to be especially careful when they are on the road, whether they are driving their commercial vehicle or the family car. If you get too many points, your CDL may be suspended or revoked. Before that happens, you may lose your job because your employer's insurance company will no longer cover you.

Some traffic tickets more serious than others

While all traffic offenses are serious and can result in higher insurance rates and other issues, some are misdemeanors that can result in jail time.

Illinois traffic courts handle misdemeanor traffic offenses differently from violations that are punishable by fine only. You will be required to appear in court if the ticket is a misdemeanor. Here are examples of the most common misdemeanor traffic tickets in Illinois: