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As a business owner and father of four, I have often needed the help of a top-notch. The only lawyer I trust, to defend me, my family and friends, is Alan Jones. Alan is as dedicated to his clients as anyone I have ever worked with in my life. When you go to Alan with your problem, he is always eager to help and more than fair with his fees. He has saved my family from situations that could have brought enormous heartache to those I care about and in this world of narcissistic, money grubbing lawyers, Alan stands out as an ethical, caring person who happens to practice Law. If you are in a legal bind and need great representation I can assure you will be glad you contacted Alan Jones!


I am a resident of Michigan who was working in Illinois. My life situation was proceeding as expected until one day in Lake County, Illinois a chain of events occurred which placed me accused and arrested for a Misdemeanor Offense. I was innocent of the charges, as the dishonest person who filed this complaint against me had knowledge of the court system, and how to manipulate it to their favor. This issue threatened my current and future employment, as in my career a criminal record of any kind is not acceptable. How lucky I was to find Attorney Alan Jones. Mr. Jones handled my situation completely and professionally, and stood by me every step of the process. My legal options were carefully explained and I was instructed with competent legal advice. I most enjoyed being able to communicate my opinions with a level of understanding and compassion that is most uncommon compared to other legal professionals I have worked with. There was no haggling concerning the flat fee I was charged for the service. Even after the case was closed, follow up motions needed to be addressed. Mr. Jones handled everything, and came through 110%. I have since returned back to Michigan. Mr. Jones continues to follow up from time to stay in touch. If you are in need of a fair, competent, knowledgeable legal representation look no further than Alan Jones. He is indeed the best ever.


I found Alan Jones via a legal match search and then read up on his profile, called his office and he promptly returned my call. We discussed his experience with what I needed and it sounded perfect. We scheduled a consultation and I was very pleased with the information he present and how it was present. He was very clear on what the procedure would be and what I needed to do to get the outcome I desired. Once I decided to go with him, he immediately went to work on my case and I was very happy at every step of the process. He was accessible when I needed him and has a great network to assist with the process when needed.
I would definitely recommend him and his service. I keep his number handy in the event I need his service or legal advice in the future.


I just wanted to thank Alan for all his help! He truly is one of the best! Thanks to Alan Jones I got my driving privileges back, but I got my freedom back. Considering the town of my arrest I am beyond impressed that he was able to work my DUI case, and get my license back so quickly. I would 100% recommend anyone who has a 1 or 2 DUIs to go to Alan Jones. He is the best in town and I assure you he is worth every penny. He is dedicated at what he does and HE KNOWS what he is doing. I am 100% confident that he truly provides the best service possible. Not only is he GREAT at what he does, but he truly gave me his 100% undivided attention when it came to my case and my specific needs. Alan doesn't tell you what you want to hear. He gives his 100% honesty in regard to each person's individual case. In my case, Alan always maintained his honesty in regard to what my options were. I am beyond pleased with his service and I would recommend him to anyone I know that needed help with a DUI.
Thank you so much for your help Alan. You gave me my freedom and peace of mind back.


Alan Jones got my DUI ticket dismissed and my license reinstated. He was very informative and straightforward about everything. I'm very pleased with the outcome and would recommend him highly.


When I first contacted Alan, I asked him one question: Do you care if I get my license back and he replied yes he cared. I knew that I had selected the right man. Alan and his staff were very professional and well prepared, creating a very relaxed atmosphere.


First time in my life I got into a conflict was with the law- DUI. During the DL evaluation, they stated I can have a problem with alcohol- potential alcoholic. They referred me to a great attorney Mr. Alan E. Jones.

He explained to me the situation, giving me step by step instructions on what I should do now. He is a very experienced attorney and good psychologist. Thanks to his suggestions I'm an AA member, and my life is much better now, without alcohol. In addition he is calling me from time to time, making sure I'm doing ok. Great attorney and caring friend. Thank you Mr. Alan.


I initially chose Alan because I had been charged with a DUI on a Saturday night and he answered my request within an hour of emailing him on Sunday. He actually called me that night and assured me that things would be handled properly and professionally if I chose his services. It was a situation I had never been in before and talking to him relieved a lot of stress. After meeting with him that Monday, I knew I had the right lawyer. My case seemingly went on forever (over 8 months) but Alan was there every step of the way with me. In the end, I was cleared of the charges and I don't think I could have done this without the help of Alan. He's a terrific person and also an outstanding attorney who goes the extra mile with everything. I will hopefully never be in a similar situation but I know who to call if me or anyone I know ever gets into any kind of driving issues in the future.


I have been going to Alan Jones for just over a year to get my license reinstated from fifteen years ago. He made not only me, but my husband very comfortable and gave me the confidence that this was going to happen. Not only did Alan take the time to go through everything with me, he made sure that before my hearing that everything was correct and he was confident that I was ready! I have received the approval for an RDP!! Alan Jones, to me, is not only my attorney, he is a wonderful person. He cares about his clients and will do what it takes to get your license re-instated. He cares more than any other attorney I have dealt with. I will recommend him to anyone.



Just wanted to thank Alan Jones and Tracy Gentile for the outstanding job handling my traffic case. The circumstances where complicated, you got a favorable judgment with exceptional communication along the way. Nice knowing in today's world there are still trustworthy people out there who care about their clients.