Caught Driving While Your License Was Suspended?

A license suspension is only a suspension, meaning that you have lost your driving privileges for a specified period of time. If you have been caught driving while your license was suspended (DWLS) in Illinois, your fines will go up and the length of your suspension may be increased.

An attorney knowledgeable about DWLS may be able to secure a restricted driver's license on your behalf — or lift the suspension entirely. Contact me, attorney Alan E. Jones, for a free, confidential consultation about how I may be able to help you clear up a DWLS.

Experienced Traffic Defense Attorney

I have focused the bulk of my 30-year legal practice as a criminal defense attorney with a concentration on traffic law. I have served as chair of the Traffic Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association, which has helped me learn the nuances of traffic law, in particular issues of license suspension and revocation, and how to help you.

Handling License Suspension for Any Cause

Suspension is quite different from a license revocation. Under revocation, your privileges are taken away indefinitely. A suspension (a fixed-term stop from driving) can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  • Nonpayment of child support
  • Tollway evasions or violations
  • Suspension of your license from the Secretary of State for DUI
  • Not paying fines, including parking tickets
  • Ignoring traffic fines
  • Not maintaining insurance
  • And more

Avoiding Reinstatement Fees — Contact Me Now

I have secured reinstatement or restricted driver's licenses for many people  after a driving while license suspended charge. I know traffic law and am committed to helping you get back on the road. For a free initial consultation, call me now at 866-916-0944 or contact me online.

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