Lake County Suspended Driver's License Reinstatement Attorney

In Illinois, more and more traffic offenses are resulting in a suspended license. More and more people are left with no driver's license in a state where cars are often a necessity. It may simply not be realistic to rely on public transportation or the kindness of friends and family.

Want Your License Back in Illinois?

You can wait out your driver's license suspension, or you can consult me, Waukegan attorney Alan E. Jones, to discuss whether you may be eligible for driver's license reinstatement. As a longtime member of the Traffic Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association, I bring both knowledge and integrity to your side. If there's a way to get you even limited driving privileges, I take every legal step available to do so. It all starts with a free consultation.

For a free initial consultation with an experienced Lake County suspended driver's license reinstatement attorney, call toll free 866-916-0944. You can also contact me online.

Reinstating Suspended Licenses Throughout Illinois

With more than 25 years of experience providing counsel in traffic violation cases, I represent clients with the following types of reinstatement and suspension issues:

  • Reinstatement of their suspended license
  • Representation at informal and formal license reinstatement hearings before the Illinois Secretary of State
  • Helping clear poor driving records by getting the charges reduced or dismissed and vacating convictions
  • Arguing effectively to shift suspensions to restricted driving privileges
  • Successfully securing provisional or restricted driving privileges for people charged with drunk driving, but not yet convicted
  • Handling all aspects of suspended license reinstatement, including all the proofs and paperwork to the Secretary of State
  • Arguing for reduced charges and fines for driving on a suspended license or revoked license

I also help drivers from out of state who had their license suspended due to infractions in Illinois. If you are not from Illinois but still need to have representation in our state, you can rely on me to handle your situation, no matter where you reside.

Learn more at the license reinstatement FAQ.

My services are also available for reinstatement of a revoked driver's license.

Take Action Right Away to Reinstate a Suspended License

Whether you have a suspended license due to a DUI or too many points on your license, it is up to you whether you can wait out the suspension. If you cannot wait out the suspension, I will work to challenge it. Remember, if your suspension is for DUI, you have only 90 days to file a Petition to Rescind Statutory Summary Suspension and have a court hearing.

Contact a Waukegan Suspended License Lawyer

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